Tallahassee MSA Job Growth Ranks 18th

Based on October 2018 job data, the growth of jobs, in comparison to the numbers reported one year ago in the Tallahassee Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), came in 18th when compared to other Florida MSA’s. Tallahassee’s MSA includes Leon, Jefferson, Wakulla and Gadsden counties.

The table below compares the growth rate in jobs for the 22 Florida MSA’s. The table also includes the growth in jobs for the state of Florida and the United States.

The information shows that the Tallahassee MSA gained 3,540 jobs compared to the level 12 months ago, for a growth rate of 1.9%. This ranks 18th when compared to the other 22 MSA’s.

When comparing the Tallahassee MSA ranking to North Florida neighbors, the ranking comes in ahead of the Gainesville MSA (1.8%) and the Panama City MSA (0.2%). The ranking is behind the Fort Walton MSA (3.0%) and the Pensacola MSA (2.2%).

Tallahassee’s numbers are below the 2.2% rate for Florida and above the 1.8% rate reported for the United States. Florida added 212,000 jobs when compared to 12 months ago.

The top three MSA’s in job growth over the last 12-months were Orlando (4.2%), Naples (4.1%), and Fort Myers (3.8%).

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