Leon County Loses 2,338 Jobs in January, Unemployment Rate Rises

The latest employment information shows that Leon County lost 2,338 jobs in January, 2019. One year ago Leon County lost 431 jobs. This month’s loss follows a loss of 1,249 jobs in December.

The unemployment rate increased from 3.1% in December to 3.8% in January.

The number of people working in January 2019 has increased when compared to last year. The Leon County Jobs Report, listed below, indicates that 149,720 people were working in January, 2019. This is 2,975 more than the 146,745 reported working in January last year.

Also, the labor force expanded when compared to one year ago. In January, 2019 the workforce was 155,625 compared to 152,700 last year.

At the state-level, 32,000 jobs were lost in January and the unemployment rate increased to 3.9% from 3.3% in December.

The chart below shows that monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last three years with 12-month average trend line. As the chart shows, the current monthly trends are consistent with the movement in jobs over the last two years. Also, the trend line shows a steady increase in jobs beginning in January, 2016.



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